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Do n’t forget the original intention, remember the mission, and relive the history of the revolution——Party members of Jianglu Group went to Yanan Red Education Base to carry out party spirit education activities

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,激励广大党员继承和发扬革命前辈的革命精神和优良传统,增强政治意识、大局意识、核心意识、看齐意识。 In order to further enhance the ideal belief and purpose consciousness of the company's party members and leading cadres , encourage the majority of party members to inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit and fine traditions of the predecessors of the revolution, and enhance the political consciousness, overall sense, core consciousness, and uniformity consciousness. 开展以 “感悟延安精神·铭记初心使命”为主题的红色教育活动,18名党员和入党积极分子来到了心中久仰的中国革命圣地、红色摇篮——延安,怀着对革命先辈们无比崇敬的心情,参观革命旧址,接受红色教育,重温中国共产党领导人民取得全国革命胜利的光辉历程 切身体 “不忘初心、牢记使命”的深刻内涵。 On June 17-20, the party committee of Jianglu Group carried out a red educational activity on the theme of "Enlighten the Yan'an Spirit · Remembering the Mission of the Early Mind". 18 party members and activists came to the Chinese Revolutionary Holy Land and Red Cradle-Yan'an With great respect for the revolutionary ancestors, he visited the old site of the revolution, received a red education, revisited the glorious process of the Chinese Communist Party leading the people to victory in the national revolution , and experienced the profound connotation of "not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission".


展厅主题雕像 Themed statues in the exhibition hall of the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall


Group photo under the Chairman Mao statue in the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Square


建设 社会主义新中国的丰功伟绩。 In the past few days, everyone has watched, listened, learned and studied while walking, visited the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, the Kangda University Memorial Hall, the Pagoda Mountain, the old site of the Zaoyuan Revolution, the service platform for the people, the old Phoenix Mountain Revolutionary Site, the Wang Family The red education bases such as the Ping Revolutionary Site and the Nanniwan Production Exhibition Hall looked at the old residences of the older generation of revolutionaries such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Zhu De. They deeply cherish the achievements of the revolutionary martyrs in leading the people of the country to achieve national independence and build a new socialist China.

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张思德雕像前留影 Learn the spirit of Zhang Side and take photos in front of the statue of Zhang Side


弘扬抗大精神,坚定正确的政治方向 ”“张思德与张思德精神”“白求恩与白求恩精神”“三五九旅开发南泥湾与南泥湾精神”“毛泽东与毛岸英特殊父子情”,讲师们声情并茂地讲,大家认真地听,了解了张思德同志全心全意为人民服务的精神内涵,白求恩同志伟大的国际共产主义精神,三五九旅开发南泥湾的动人故事及自力更生、艰苦奋斗的精神内涵,毛泽东与毛岸英的深厚感情及良好的家风家训等,大家 深切 感受到延安精神的伟大。 In the on-site teaching, " Promote the spirit of resistance against the University, and firm the correct political direction ", "Zhang Side and Zhang Side spirit", "Bethune and Bethune spirit", "Three Five Nine Brigade development of Nanniwan and Nanniwan spirit" "The lecturers spoke with enthusiasm, everyone listened carefully, understood the spiritual connotation of Comrade Zhang Side's wholehearted service to the people, Comrade Bethune's great international communist spirit, the moving story of the Ninth Brigade and the self-reliance, The spiritual connotation of hard work, the deep feelings of Mao Zedong and Mao Anying and the good family style and family training, etc., everyone deeply felt the greatness of the Yanan spirit. “坚定正确的政治方向是延安精神的灵魂 解放思想实事求是是延安精神的精髓 全心全意为人民服务是延安精神的核心 自力更生艰苦奋斗是延安精神的突出特征 ”,汲取了“红色营养”,触动了思想,净化了灵魂,切实把延安精神转化为增强党性修养、坚定理想信念的内生动力和高度自觉,为进一步实现公司高质量发展凝聚强大动力。 Through this party spirit education activity, all party members and cadres felt the original ecology of a group of Yanan spirits, such as the Nanniwan spirit, Bethune spirit, Kangda spirit, Zhang Side spirit, and further clarified that "firm and correct political direction is the soul of the Yanan spirit and emancipates the mind. Seeking truth from facts is the essence of Yanan spirit , serving the people wholeheartedly is the core of Yanan spirit , self-reliance and hard work are the outstanding characteristics of Yanan spirit. "Drawing on" red nutrition ", touched the thought, purified the soul, and effectively transformed the Yanan spirit into enhancement The endogenous power of party spirit cultivation, firm ideals and beliefs, and a high degree of consciousness, gather strong power for the further realization of the company's high-quality development.

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村民 同吃住同劳动的 家河村 参观 家河村 Xi Jinping visits Liangjiahe Village with Liangjiahe Village who eats, lives and works together with the villagers   

On the afternoon of the 18th, everyone came to Liangjiahe. A group of people learned Xi Jinping and 15 Beijing intellectual youths responded to Chairman Mao ’s call to go to the mountains and go to the countryside. They came to Liangjiahe Village in Yanchuan County to eat, live and work with the villagers, and lead the villagers to fight the dam. Land, developing biogas, building terraces, planting trees and afforestation, establishing mills, tailor shops, iron companies, consignment stores, etc. in the village to improve the advanced deeds of the villagers ’production and living conditions. Liang Jiahe is the starting point of the life of General Secretary Xi Jinping. It is the place where Xi Jinping stepped through all kinds of difficulties, setbacks and bumps in his youth. It is a place where personality charm and public feelings are tempered and sublimated. 他把这里当作他的第二故乡,他把所有的百姓们当作自己的亲人,正是这种饮水思源、不忘初心的信念, 铸就 了他为民造福的初心、追求真理的精神、埋头苦干的作风、攻坚克难的意志和中华复兴的梦想! Here, Xi Jinping has set up his faith for the motherland and the people . He regards this as his second hometown, and he regards all the people as his loved ones. It is this kind of drinking water, not forgetting the original intention Faith has shaped his original heart for the benefit of the people, the spirit of pursuing truth, the style of working hard, the will to overcome difficulties and the dream of China's revival!


参观抗大纪念馆 Visit the Nanniwan temporary exhibition hall


Group photo in front of Nanniwan Party emblem


When visiting the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, the simple historical relics and the broken yellowing photos let the visitors see the turbulent years of the previous revolutionary war. In front of the towering pagoda, all party members solemnly sworn the bright red party flag and revisited the oath of joining the party. 一代必须 不懈奋斗国家才能繁荣富强, 我们 青年有梦想 民族才有未来。 In the old revolutionary sites such as Wangjiaping and Zaoyuan, which used to be the office of central leaders such as Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, I saw the rudimentary caves where Mao Zedong and other older proletarian revolutionaries worked and lived. Inspired by the spirit of revolutionary optimism, I deeply realized the pioneering and enterprising spirit of the older generation of the proletariat. I realized that the younger generation must work hard for the country to prosper and prosper. Our young people have dreams , and the nation has a future.


Baota Mountain revisits the oath of joining the party



合影 Group photo of the old site of the Zaoyuan Revolution


Watching the tearful large-scale red historical stage drama "Yan'an Conservation Home", let everyone really feel the revolutionary feelings in the form of the stage drama, and evoke memories and commemorations of that period of history.

宗旨,不忘初心,牢记使命。 Through visits and studies in just a few days, we pursued the original intention of the Communist Party, accepted the baptism of the Yan'an spirit, deeply understood the firm ideals and beliefs of the Communists, adhered to the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly , without forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission. As Comrade Wang Wenwen, member of the company's party committee and executive deputy general manager, said: When we go to Yan'an to participate in the red education, the first thing we need to achieve is to learn the spirit of Yan'an, learn the spiritual strength, learn the ancestors, and truly learn the faith. , Learn beliefs, learn the original heart, learn the mission, and better open up a new era in the work of Jianglu Group.


Pagoda in front of the mountain

Dachengcang Mall